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'Hitman 3' gameplay leaks: Agent 47 loses his best friend; cloud version for Nintendo Switch also launches this week

From the "Hitman 3" opening cinematic trailer | Photo credit: IO Interactive via HITMAN / YouTube screenshot

Several reports claim early copies of "Hitman 3" are now out in the wild, leading to cutscenes and mission details leaking online, including an imminent great loss for Agent 47. Meanwhile, developers confirmed that Nintendo Switch's cloud version will be released on the same day as the other gaming platforms.

'Hitman 3' leaks: Agent 47 loses a best friend in Berlin mission (Major spoilers ahead)

The leaked gameplay correspond with previously released teasers that showed Agent 47 going on different assassination missions in different parts of the world. But it appears that his upcoming assignment in Berlin will be particularly difficult, not because of the task itself, but because the main protagonist is about to lose someone dear to him.

A post on Reddit shared key details of the "Hitman 3" Berlin mission, which reportedly takes place after Agent 47's assignment in England. Agent 47 will be with Lucas Grey when the Providence forces attack following the Constant's orders.

Unfortunately, Grey will take heavy fire and will have no way to escape his attackers. Two separate spoiler reports indicate that this leads to Grey's demise, but Agent 47's best friend is going out on his own terms. The leaks indicate Grey will take his own life to also prevent 47 from forcing a rescue mission that could only put them both in peril.

Other details leaked about the "Hitman 3" Berlin mission indicate this is where some of the most crucial plot twists are taking place. For one, this segment reportedly shows the Constant approaching Diana with a piece of information revealing Agent 47 killed her parents. This appears to be why she agrees with the Constant's plan to assassinate 47 and Grey leading to the latter's death.

Aside from the descriptions of the mission details, various videos of the "Hitman 3" gameplay cutscenes and walkthroughs are already spreading online. However, fans should still watch them with a grain of salt because a 13GB day one patch is expected to be released after the game goes live this week.

'Hitman 3' release date: What to expect on the Cloud Version for Nintendo Switch

"Hitman 3" will be released on major gaming platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and on the portable hardware Nintendo Switch. The game's Jan. 20 release date has been announced for a while, but developer IO Interactive recently confirmed the Switch version to go live on the same day.

Note that "Hitman 3" is launching on Nintendo Switch in a cloud gaming version. It means players will practically stream the game, so they will need a reliable internet connection to enjoy the stealth game. Unlike Stadia, though, the trilogy's first two titles are not arriving on the portable console.

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