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iPad Air 4 and iPad 8 release dates, specs: Apple’s Time Flies event to include announcements of new tablets

Apple MacBook Air is beside the new iPad Pro | Photo credit Daniel Romero (@rmrdnl) on Unsplash

Expect this week to be a very busy time for the tech industry because Apple has confirmed its Time Flies event is taking place on Tuesday. It has always been anticipated to be the event where a new Apple Watch and new tablets would be announced. However, some were still surprised when it was reported that two different iPad lineups could be in the announcement pipeline.

New iPads slated for an announcement this week

After Apple’s Time Flies press release came out last week, new reports emerged online, offering more information on the new products to be included in the event. As expected, new iPads were included in the list, but the more surprising part is Jon Prosser’s report that the iPad Air 4 and iPad 8 would be part of the occasion.

Prosser, who currently has a 67.6% accuracy rate per Apple Track, only listed iPad Air 4 and iPad 8 as the “main focus” of the event on Tuesday, along with the new Apple Watch models. But there is no other information provided in terms of its pricing and specs. However, over the past couple of months, several other reports have come out describing the upgrades and design changes that would be included in the iPad Air 4.

iPad Air 4 specs: Higher price point corresponds with rumored major upgrades

Another tech leaker, L0vetodream may have revealed the potential pricing of the iPad Air 4. The insider simply tweeted “$ 5X9,” where the value of X is greater than 6. Many jumped to conclusions that it could be pertaining to the possible price of the new tablet since that is too high to be the standard price of a new Apple Watch.

Following the math equation, the tweet suggests the next iPad Air could be priced between $579 and $599, which is around $100 higher than the base price of the latest iPad Air model. The price increase is not entirely surprising since there have been plenty of reports pointing at several upgrades on the iPad Air 4.

The iPad Air 4 has been expected to have a bigger display as it adapts the same design as the latest iPad Pro models. It is also expected to be released with built-in support for its own Magic Keyboard and to shift to a USB-C port -- both features were first applied to the new iPad Pro.

Featured photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

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