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1Password update: New feature offers a more secure way to share passwords

Photo credit: FLY:D / Unsplash

1Password announced a new feature it calls Psst. While the name sounds quirky, how it functions is actually helpful in times when users need to share login credentials with other people.

One of the basic rules of the digital age is not to share passwords with anyone. But there are situations where this is unavoidable. Streaming platforms like Netflix offer family plans that require the sharing of passwords among several users. Luckily, 1Password's new Psst! feature allows its customers to share passwords in a less risky manner.

Psst! is an acronym that stands for “Password secure sharing tool,” according to 1Password’s blog post. Instead of copy-pasting actual passwords before sharing them with other people, the new feature allows users to generate a link that can then be shared even to people who are not using 1Password.

“It’s important to note that when you share an item in 1Password in this way, you’re not sharing the original item itself,” the company said. “If you change the password after you share it, the [recipient] will not see the updated item, only the original copy.”

The new feature works on both the browser and app versions of 1Password. Users have to open the item they want to share, right-click on the item or tap the three-dot button beside it and choose “Share.” From here, it will be similar to sharing files from the cloud through URLs.

1Password users can customize the link’s expiration period and who can access them. The company said links will expire in seven days by default. But users can also make the Psst! link unusable after one view, one hour, one day, 14 days, or 30 days.

Based on a promo video, users can share the URL with “anyone with the link,” which would be helpful if the login credential is meant to be used by a larger group. For passwords to be shared with a few people, 1Password users can also choose the “only some people” option so they can input the email addresses of certain people who can access the link.

As mentioned, even non-1Password users can use links shared through the Psst! feature. The link will redirect them to a 1Password page, where they will be asked to enter their email address. 1Password will then send a verification code to the email address they provided before actually accessing the password.

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

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