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ByteDance in Talks to Sell Gaming Assets, Including Nuverse, to Tencent

ByteDance's discussions with potential buyers for its gaming assets, including Nuverse, reflect the company's strategic shift away from the gaming industry.

ByteDance, the parent company of popular social media platform TikTok, is currently in discussions with multiple potential buyers for its gaming assets, including Tencent, the world's largest video game company.

This move comes as ByteDance intends to step back from the gaming industry and focus on its core businesses. Reuters noted that, according to a ByteDance spokesperson, no agreement has been reached yet.

Changes in ByteDance's Gaming Strategy

ByteDance's gaming unit, Nuverse, is reportedly engaged in talks with Tencent to sell various popular video games. Among these titles are "Crystal of Atland" and "Earth: Revival," as reported by local media outlet LatePost. After a five-year venture into the global video games market, the discussions highlight ByteDance's strategic decision to reshape Nuverse and divest from the gaming business.

In November, ByteDance announced its plans to revamp Nuverse and withdraw from the gaming sector. This shift aims to optimize the company's focus on key operations following its entry into the lucrative $185 billion video games market. As part of this strategic realignment, ByteDance halted the development of unreleased games and expressed its intention to divest from already-launched titles, as confirmed by insiders familiar with the matter.

Seeking Buyers for Moonton

Sources also revealed that ByteDance is actively seeking buyers for its gaming unit Moonton, which it acquired in 2021. This further demonstrates the company's commitment to streamlining its gaming portfolio in alignment with its revised strategic priorities. Reuters previously reported on ByteDance's decision to engage potential buyers for Moonton.

ByteDance's relationship with Tencent in the gaming sphere has witnessed a positive turn after a period of intense competition. Notably, Tencent capitalized on ByteDance's advertising network to promote its latest game, "DreamStar," as reported by Reuters in December. This marks a potential collaboration between the two industry giants, signaling a new chapter in their professional rapport.

Making an Impact on Healthcare

According to a recent Forbes report, ByteDance actively recruited exceptional talent for its "AI for Drug Design" and "AI for Science" teams. The company aims to leverage AI capabilities to revolutionize drug discovery and scientific research.

This recruitment drive extends to computational biology, quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, and physics experts. With at least 17 positions available across New York, California, and Washington state, ByteDance ventures into a territory already occupied by local rivals such as Meta, Google, and Amazon.

Photo: ByteDance Website

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