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TikTok is reportedly testing a Watch History feature for videos viewed in the last 7 days

Photo credit: Franck / Unsplash

TikTok appears to be testing an important feature that would allow users to review the videos they viewed. The function is still in testing, but its current form could let users find the content they have watched for the last seven days.

Twitter user Hammod Oh, known for finding unannounced and in-testing social media app features, was the first to find a new “Watch History” tab on TikTok. Based on the screenshot Oh shared, the new option appears on the Settings page of the app. The discovery was later shared by social media consultant Matt Navarra.

Oh shared another screenshot showing that the Watch History function will keep track of the videos viewed for the last seven days. The description indicates, though, that the TikTok app will record viewing history per device. It also appears that users will have an option to turn off the Watch History feature from the Settings.

TikTok did not directly confirm the existence of the Watch History feature. The company only told TechCrunch, “We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience.”

If implemented, the Watch History option could be a helpful function for many TikTok users. Currently, there is no direct feature that allows users to review the videos they watched. This has proved to be quite an issue, especially for users who often find videos they like on the app’s popular “For You” page.

The problem, however, is when people accidentally refresh the page before they can press the Like button on a video shared by a page they do not follow yet. Finding the same video on TikTok can be difficult.

With TikTok refusing to confirm it is working on a Watch History function, it is still unclear when and if it will actually roll out as an official app feature. However, TechCrunch noted that users currently use a workaround to find videos they previously viewed, including one process shared by TikTok user rachforaday.

The TikTok video tells users to visit the app’s Discover page and type an asterisk on the search bar. Users are instructed to open the filter options to enable the “All time” and “Watched videos” options, then press the “Apply” button. The video has garnered 5.5 million likes and more than 112,700 shares.

Photo by Franck on Unsplash

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