Tracy Smith-Carrier

Tracy Smith-Carrier

Associate Professor, King's School of Social Work, Western University
Associate Professor, King's University College at Western University
Adjunct Research Professor, Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing, Western University
Chair, Basic Income London Ontario

Tracy's program of research touches upon a number of different fields in the social policy arena, including access to social welfare benefits, social assistance receipt, food and income security, and basic income. Current research projects involve examining trends in intergenerational social assistance receipt, research on charitable and justice models of social support, human rights, and the design and delivery of basic income.

Peer-reviewed Articles/Book Chapters:

Smith-Carrier, T. (2020). Why charity isn’t just, or always charitable: Exploring charitable

and justice models of social support. Journal of Human Rights and Social Work.


Smith-Carrier, T., Kerr, D., & Wang, J. (2020). The Learning, Earning and Parenting (LEAP)

program two decades on: A descriptive cohort study. Social Policy and Society.


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Rudnick, A. (2020). A critical analysis of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP):

Does the program meet its identified policy objectives? Canadian Journal of Disability Studies.

Smith-Carrier, T., Benbow, S., & Lawlor, A. (2020). An ‘opportunity’ for policy recycling?

A critical analysis of the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Poverty & Public Policy.

Smith-Carrier, T. (2020). The (charitable) pantry is bare: A Critical Discourse Analysis of

Christmas hamper programs in Canada. Critical Policy Studies.

Baker Collins, S., Smith-Carrier, T., Gazso, A., & Smith, C. (2019). Resisting the culture of

poverty narrative: Perspectives of social assistance recipients. Journal of Poverty, 24(1),


Gazso, A., Baker Collins, S., Smith-Carrier, T., & Smith, C. (2019). Thinking differently about

generation and ‘welfare dependency’: A qualitative analysis.

Social Problems, 0, 1-17.

Smith-Carrier, T., & Benbow, S. (2019). Engendering economic stability: Exploring a

basic income for mothers in Ontario. Journal of the Motherhood Initiative:

Matricentric Feminism, 10(1/2), 45-58.

Smith-Carrier, T. (2019). Universality and immigration: Differential access to social

programs and societal inclusion. In D. Béland, G. Marchildon, & M. J. Prince (Eds.),

Universality and Social Policy in Canada (pp. 155-178). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Smith, C., Gazso, A., Smith-Carrier, T., & Baker Collins, S. (2019). The relationship between child

maltreatment and social assistance use: A chain of adversities and transitions from

a Life Course Perspective. Journal of Public Child Welfare, 13(5), 556-577.


Kerr, D., Smith-Carrier, T., & Wang, J. (2019). From temporary financial assistance to

longer term income support: Probing the growth in Ontario’s Disability Support

Program (ODSP). Canadian Review of Social Policy, 79, 11-31.

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intergenerational social assistance participation in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Sociology

& Social Welfare, 46(1), 113-137.

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recycling, an analysis of the Poverty Reduction Strategy in Ontario, Canada. Canadian

Review of Social Policy, 78, 81-110.

Smith-Carrier, T., Leacy, K., Sangster-Bouck, M., Justrabo, J., & Decker Pierce, B. (2018).

Living with poverty: A simulation. Journal of Social Work, 0(0), 1-22.

Smith-Carrier, T., & Green, S. (2017). Another low road to basic income? Mapping a pragmatic

model for basic income in Canada. Basic Income Studies, 12(2), 1-21.

Kerr, D., Smith-Carrier, T., Wang, J., Kwok, S-M., & Tam, D. (2017). Population aging and the

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). Canadian Journal of Disability Studies,

6(4), 33-55.

Smith-Carrier, T., Kerr, D., Wang, J. Kwok, S-M., & Tam, D. (2017). Vestiges of the medical

model? A critical exploration into the Ontario Disability Support Program in Ontario,

Canada. Disability & Society, 32(10), 1570-1591.

Smith-Carrier, T., Ross, K., Kirkham, J., & Decker Pierce, B. (2017). “Food is a right…Nobody

should be starving on our streets”: Perceptions of food bank usage in London, Ontario.

Journal of Human Rights Practice, 9(1), 29-49.

Smith-Carrier, T. (2017). Reproducing social conditions of poverty: A critical feminist

analysis of social assistance participation in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Women,

Politics & Policy, 38(4), 498-521.

Implementing a basic income means overcoming myths about the 'undeserving poor'

Dec 05, 2023 05:35 am UTC| Economy

Newfoundland and Labrador recently announced plans to introduce a basic income for people aged 60-64 receiving social assistance. It is slated to roll out in April 2024 and will match existing federal seniors...



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The private sector housing experiment has failed: Ottawa must now step up on social housing

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South Africa’s military is expected to do more than ever with tighter budgets: how the force has declined over 30 years

The South African National Defence Force marks 30 years this year, having been established on 27 April 1994. Its as old as the countrys constitutional democracy, the result of a negotiated political settlement that ended...


200 million voters, 820,000 polling stations and 10,000 candidates: Indonesia’s massive election, by the numbers

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How Muslim teachings support political dynasties in Indonesia

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Russia’s next election is likely to put Putin in power for longer than anyone since Peter the Great

Presidential elections will be held in Russia in March. It is inevitable that the incumbent president, Vladimir Putin, will win. Putin has been in power (whether as president or as prime minister) since 2000. If he wins...

Rwanda deal: why the media should focus more on the policy and less on the politics of immigration

Heading into an election year, the governments handling of migration continues to dominate headlines. Much of the coverage has been about the plan to send those who enter the UK without legal paperwork to Rwanda. This...

Biden’s ‘hard look’ at liquefied natural gas exports raises a critical question: How does natural gas fit with US climate goals?

The Biden administration has frozen pending decisions on permit applications to export liquefied natural gas, or LNG, to countries other than U.S. free trade partners. During this pause, which will last for up to 15...


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Synthetic human embryos let researchers study early development while sidestepping ethical and logistical hurdles

Embryonic development, also known as embryogenesis, is a cornerstone in understanding the origins of life. But studying this marvel of intricate and layered biological processes in people faces considerable challenges....

Genetic diseases: How scientists are working to make DNA repair (almost) a piece of cake

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Orbital resonance − the striking gravitational dance done by planets with aligning orbits

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Why now is the time to address humanity’s impact on the moon

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Apple Rethinks Foldable Tech, Pauses iPhone Project Amid Display Challenges

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