Rob Cover

Rob Cover

Professor of Digital Communication, RMIT University
Rob Cover is Professor of Digital Communication at RMIT University.

His recent books include:
Queer Youth Suicide, Culture and Identity: Unliveable Lives? -
Vulnerability and Exposure: Footballer Scandals, Masculine Identity and Ethics -
Digital Identities: Creating and Communicating the Online Self -
Emergent Identities: New Sexualities, Genders and Relationships in a Digital Era -
Flirting in the Era of #MeToo: Negotiating Intimacy (with A Bartlett and K Clarke) -
Population, Mobility and Belonging: Population Concepts in Media, Culture and Society -
Fake News in Digital Cultures (with A Haw and JD Thompson) -

Rob is a chief investigator on several current and recently-completed ARC Projects:
AusQueerScreen: Representation of Gender and Sexual Diversity in Australian Film and Television, 1990-2010 (ARC Discovery DP180103321) -
LGBTQ Migrations: Life Story Narratives in the South Australian GLAM Sector (ARC Linkage LP180100251) -
Queer Generations: Belonging and sexual citizenship among gender and sexual minority youth (ARC Discovery (ARC Discovery DP150101292) -

Celebrity deepfakes are all over TikTok. Here's why they're becoming common – and how you can spot them

Jul 19, 2022 14:49 pm UTC| Technology

One of the worlds most popular social media platforms, TikTok, is now host to a steady stream of deepfake videos. Deepfakes are videos in which a subjects face or body has been digitally altered to make them look like...



Mercedes-Benz Korea Reveals Appointment of New CEO

Mercedes-Benz Korea announced it has appointed a new chief executive officer to lead the company from this point. The German luxury vehicle maker chose Mathias Vaiti to be the new chief of its office in South Korea. The...

In-N-Out Burger Returns to South Korea, Locals Flock to Seoul Pop-up Store in Record Number

In-N-Out Burger, an American fast-food chain, has finally returned to South Korea. The burger joint enters the Korean market again by opening a pop-up store in Seoul this week. The In-N-Out Burger pop-up store opened on...

Grab Unveils JustSave Carpooling Service in Malaysia for Cheaper, More Efficient Rides

Grab launches JustSave in Malaysia, a new carpooling feature designed to maximize driver earnings and offer passengers a 20% fare reduction. Only operational during peak hours, the service aims to enhance efficiency in...

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew to Spearhead ByteDance's Rising Social Media Star, Lemon8

ByteDance taps TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew to steer Lemon8, its fresh social media app, amid a corporate reshuffle and escalating tension between TikTok and the West. Launched in February, the lifestyle-oriented Lemon8 has...


Russia-Ukraine War: NATO to Narrow Divisions Over Ukraine's Membership Bid in Oslo Meeting

The foreign ministers of the NATO countries are looking to narrow down the divisions surrounding Ukraines bid to join the alliance in the upcoming meeting in Oslo this week. This comes as Ukraines allies are also at odds...

EU Parliament to Question Hungary's Ability to Hold EU Presidency Over Record on Rule of Law

The European Parliament is set to question Hungarys ability to hold the European Unions rotating presidency next year. The EU parliament cited Hungarys record on the rule of law. A draft parliamentary resolution by the...

Iran: IAEA Resolves Nuclear Issues Related to Sites With Uranium Particles

The International Atomic Energy Agency has reportedly resolved the nuclear issues with Iran related to a site where uranium particles were found. The issue comes as talks to restore the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran remain...

UK: Ministers Given More Time to Turn in Messages From Boris Johnson to Public COVID Inquiry

British ministers were given more time to turn in messages from former Prime Minister Boris Johnson as part of the public inquiry into the governments response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The extra time comes amid a...


Drilling down on treatment-resistant fungi with molecular machines

`Fungi are present on the skin of around 70% of the population, without causing harm or benefit. Some fungal infections, like athletes foot, are minor. Others, like Candida albicans, can be deadly especially for...

Astronomers detected two major targets with a single telescope – a mysterious signal and its source galaxy

Astronomers have been working to better understand the galactic environments of fast radio bursts (FRBs) intense, momentary bursts of energy occurring in mere milliseconds and with unknown cosmic origins. Now, a study...

Biodegradable plastic in clothing doesn't break down nearly as quickly as hoped – new research

Plastic pollution has emerged as one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. Over 100 million tonnes of plastic enters the environment each year, with more than 10 million tonnes ending up in our oceans....

Gravitational wave detector LIGO is back online after 3 years of upgrades – how the world's most sensitive yardstick reveals secrets of the universe

After a three-year hiatus, scientists in the U.S. have just turned on detectors capable of measuring gravitational waves - tiny ripples in space itself that travel through the universe. Unlike light waves, gravitational...

Why don't rocks burn?

While many rocks dont burn, some of them do. It depends on what the rocks are made of and thats related to how they were formed. There are three main rock types: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. These rocks are...


Naver Reportedly Losing Market Share in Online Search Industry

Naver internet platform is reportedly losing its share in the search engine market in South Korea. It was the very first web portal that later became the largest internet company in the country, but with the arrival of...

Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition Approved by Korean Regulators

Microsoft Corporation earned another point with its bid to acquire the Santa Monica, California-based video game holding company, Activision Blizzard, after the South Korean anti-trust regulator announced it has approved...

Nvidia, MediaTek Join Forces to Develop Advance Vehicle AI Technology

Nvidia Corp. and MediaTek Inc. announced on Monday, May 29, that they signed a partnership agreement for the development of technology for advanced vehicle infotainment systems. This will allow vehicle owners to stream...

Hyundai Mobis Introduces Innovative HD Lighting System for Enhanced Nighttime Driving

Hyundai Mobis Co. has developed a next-generation headlamp dubbed the HD Lighting System that can project driving information onto the road surface, including the speed limit and upcoming road construction. The system...

Sony Acquisition Denied by CD Projekt Red, Shuts Down Sale Rumors

Sony Group Corporation was rumored to be in talks to acquire CD Projekt Red, a video game development studio headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. Not long after the reports came out, the publisher of the popular Cyberpunk 2077...
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