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Burger King rolls out eco-friendly packaging on restaurant outlets

Photo by: Burger King/Facebook

Burger King is testing eco-friendly packaging options in its restaurant outlets in its effort to go green and help reduce waste and keep the environment safe. The experimental packaging will be green makeover and will include the most-used items in the stores.

As per CNN Business, Burger King is currently testing out the new packing alternative in its 50 store locations in Miami. These outlets are participating in the company’s "green packaging pilot program" as it searches for greener material options to ditch plastic.

The store items replaced with experimental packaging

Some of the items that will be tested in Burger King fast-food outlets include the container of french fries. The alternative packing for this food item is called Frypods, and it is made with recyclable paperboard.

The wrappers for Whopper burgers, napkins, spoons, forks, drink lids, straws, and knives also have alternatives, and customers can see them now when they dine or order for takeout. The cutlery is said to be made from plant-based plastics, while the straws are made from paper.

It was estimated that once this type of straws are introduced for permanent usage in Burger King stores, the company will be able to get rid of about 500 million plastic straws a year in the U.S. alone. The Whopper sandwich wrappings are also being tested, and BK is aiming to lower its paper usage by as much as 34%.

“Sustainable packaging is a cornerstone of our Restaurant Brands for Good journey, and this new pilot represents a huge opportunity for us to make a difference,” Matthew Banton, Burger King’s head of innovation and sustainability, said in a press release. “We’re optimistic about our progress and are committed to reducing waste to do our part in creating a more sustainable future.”

Plans for nationwide rollout of the new packing

The fast-food chain wants to get feedback from customers regarding eco-friendly packing options. It wants to hear what they have to say so the company can make appropriate changes and eventually implement the greener alternatives nationwide. Burger King is targeting 2022 for the nationwide rollout.

Meanwhile, Fox Business reported that there are two wrapper choices for the Burger King Whoppers. This option has 34% less paper compared to the ones that are currently in use.

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