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Melania Trump was 'offended' that Anna Wintour did not contact her before visiting Donald Trump in 2016, new book says

Andrea Hanks (Trump White House Archived) / Wikimedia Commons

Former US first lady Melania Trump was reportedly not happy with renowned Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour back in 2016, according to a new book. The book claimed that Wintour did not inform Mrs. Trump of her visit to her husband in 2016 during his election victory.

In the book “Anna: The Biography” by fashion journalist Amy Odell, which was published early this month, Mrs. Trump’s former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff told Odell that the now-former first lady was apparently “offended” that Wintour did not reach out to her before she paid her husband a visit following his election victory.

Mrs. Trump was apparently not happy about the snub that she did not greet Wintour when she arrived at Trump Tower.

Wolkoff said that Mrs. Trump did not know about the visit that was coordinated shortly after Hillary Clinton lost to the now-former president. The book went on to note that Wintour “begrudgingly reached out” to Ivanka Trump, who is a long-time acquaintance, to set up the meeting.

“Melania didn’t understand that she had been invited to Anna’s events not because she was a friend, but simply because she had appeared on the February 2005 cover of Vogue,” wrote Odell, referring to Mrs. Trump’s cover story in the magazine before she and Donald Trump got married.

Odell added that Wintour’s team made two attempts to photograph Mrs. Trump for the publication – one before and one after the inauguration. However, Mrs. Trump rejected the opportunity partly as the publication could not guarantee that it would be on the cover.

The former first lady has mostly stayed away from the public eye and from the political scene since leaving Washington in 2021. In a recent interview over the weekend, Mrs. Trump said it is “sad to see” what is currently happening in the country when she was pressed on what she thinks about the current state of the US.

Speaking to Pete Hegseth of Fox & Friends, the former first lady was also pressed on what she thinks of being in Washington DC, given that the former president has often labeled the capital as a “swamp.”

“I like Washington DC. I know it operates completely different than any other city but I really like it there. And I enjoyed living in the White House. To be first lady of the United States was my greatest honor. I think we achieved a lot in the four years of Trump administration. I enjoyed taking care of the White House. It was my home for a while. I understood it is people’s house. And it was, it was a privilege to live there,” said the former first lady.

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