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‘Overwatch 2’ release date: Blizzard confirms online stream focused on PvP and a developer AMA this month

From the Overwatch 2 cinematic announcement | Photo credit: Play Overwatch / YouTube screenshot

New details about “Overwatch 2” is about the flood the internet in the coming weeks. Blizzard Entertainment has recently confirmed there will be two separate events later in May where video game fans will hear more about the much-awaited sequel of the popular multiplayer game.

‘Overwatch 2’ May 20 stream: What to expect

The last time fans heard about “Overwatch 2” was in the game’s presentation during the online version of BlizzCon last February. A few months later, Blizzard confirmed it is ready to share more updates soon, starting with a livestream on Thursday, May 20 as the franchise’s fifth anniversary approaches.

“Overwatch 2” game director Aaron Keller announced in a short video posted on the Play Overwatch channel on YouTube. Keller confirmed that while team-based multiplayer remains a significant part of the next game, PvP is also at the core of the franchise’s popularity.

Keller then told fans that the May 20 livestream will focus more on the PvP aspect of “Overwatch 2.” The event will feature “Overwatch” and “Overwatch League” teams and other leading developers, including Geoff Goodman and Dion Rogers. It is then safe to assume that it is going to be quite a special livestream for fans waiting for the game’s release.

However, Keller also reminded players that everything they will present on May 20 is still under development. This means fans should keep in mind that some elements they are going to see this month might be changed or dropped from the finale version of “Overwatch 2.” Keller also implied that not all PvP details will be announced on May 20 as the studio plans to discuss more about the game “later this year.”

After the May 20 livestream, Keller also announced that Blizzard will conduct an “ask me anything” session through the “Overwatch” subreddit. This is the chance for fans to send their questions directly to developers as Keller said they will be discussing what transpired over the last five years of the franchise’s development.

’Overwatch 2’ release date

Some fans might be more interested in knowing when “Overwatch 2” will be released. It is understandable considering the game was first announced in 2019. However, this might be one of the details that will be left out of the discussions planned for this month.

There is not much hope for the game to be released this year. In a previous interview with GameSpot, Keller said he hopes to release “Overwatch 2” as soon as possible but he refuses to rush the process. “We are really committed to making it as amazing as we possibly can,” Keller said. “And the last thing we want to do is to release it early before it's ready.”

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