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Top 5 destinations in New Zealand to visit in summer

As the temperature goes up, we all start to develop strong desire for some cool beach getaways in some beautiful countries of the world. When it is prominently bright and scorching hot, it is the best time for you to look for a holiday destination that gives you unique and sensational sight. New Zealand, no doubt is one of the best holiday destinations for all those enthusiasts going to have tailormade holidays. Visit to know more about it.

We have enlisted top 5 best destinations you have got to visit this summer season to make the best of your leisure time:

1. Dunedin:

Dunedin is a spectacular city in New Zealand located on the southeast coast. There is so much to enjoy in this city including basking in the glorious sunshine, sightseeing of wildlife and magnificent view of Larnach Castle. Dunedin is a best place to visit in summer season for all those people who need a trip that can make them think out of the box. However, many people are seen wondering whether it is worth their money to travel to a city like Dunedin when the temperature has hit 30s as it’s the best time to travel to New Zealand.

2. Great Barrier Island:

If you want to relax in some areas of the world which is free from technology and negative effects of the modern era, Great Barrier Island is for you. This island is the sixth biggest island of the New Zealand that has a very small population of 1000 people. You can have a remarkable experience spending your valuable summer time in this peaceful and relaxing area of the world.

With no electricity, you can enjoy long walking tracks, lying on the beach in the peaceful environment and much more. All those travelers who love to spend their time outdoor can have a best time

3. Nelson:

One of the best cities for summer time getaways is Nelson which is the hottest city place in summer season. This place is loved by locals a lot and tourists across the world also adore it. Some festivals are celebrated on the land of Nelson which attract tourists more. You can have plenty of chances to make new friends over there and explore more beautiful areas in the surrounding areas.

4. Queenstown:

For all the enthusiasts of sports activities, Queenstown has so much to offer. This region is generally popular for its vineyards and summer season is best to explore them. In short, this region has all those destinations that anyone can wish to see in their hot season break. Don’t forget to book a trip for more than a week for having a detailed visit of each and every adrenaline-fueled attraction

5. Mount Maunganui:

Mount Maunganui is one of the prominent peaks in the region of Peninsula. If you are fond of hiking and other adventurous activities on mountains, Mount Maunganui is a best travel attraction for you.

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