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Walgreens, Uber Eats join forces as demand for delivery surges in the US

Photo by: Peter Burka/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Walgreens and Uber Eats have joined hands to accommodate all the delivery needs of both companies. As the demand for delivery in the US has grown in recent months and people are staying at home and now prefer to buy their necessities and essentials online, the two companies think their partnership will be beneficial for both sides.

How Walgreens and Uber Eats do business together

Fox Business reported that with the new deal, Uber Eats, the American online food ordering, and delivery platform, will start offering some of Walgreens' best-selling items first. Walgreens is America's second-leading pharmacy chain, and it also sells a variety of products such as health and wellness items and there is even a photo service.

And now its customers can purchase anything in the store from medicines to other items and have them delivered at home through Uber Eats. It was added that with the partnership, it is also possible now for Walgreens customers to place orders directly via Uber Eats app.

Customers can order from 7,800 Walgreens outlets across the U.S. and have them delivered by Uber Eats. However, initially, only the top-selling retail items from Walgreens will be accommodated. The entire variety of the store’s products will eventually be added in the future and expansion to Puerto Rico is also in the plan.

"Walgreens provides our customers with seamless health and well-being experiences, and offering them convenient delivery solutions on whichever platform they prefer to shop is key," Walgreens’ vice president of digital commerce and omnichannel, Stefanie Kruse, said in a press release. "Our collaboration with Uber for on-demand delivery through both Walgreens and Uber’s channels, as well as integrated vaccine scheduling, gives customers simple and easy ways to put their health and well-being needs at the forefront, which will continue to be important to them as we emerge from the pandemic."

New deal from Walgreens and Uber Eats

Uber Eats and Walgreens are offering a special deal to mark their extended partnership. Customers can avail a $20 off from their first order worth $30 or more, and this promo will run until June 27.

Meanwhile, the two companies will also continue their joint effort to get the Americans vaccinated. People can schedule appointments for COVID-19 inoculation at Walgreens’ through the Uber app.

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