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McDonald’s UK reveals new menu additions plus the return of a popular snack

Photo by: McDonald's UK/Twitter

McDonald’s UK is offering something new to its customers, and they would surely love the latest additions. A menu item is also making a comeback, so there are more reasons to visit any branch of the fast-food chain now.

What is going away at McDonald’s

While there will be new items on the menu, it was reported that some food will also be discontinued, such as the Cheese and Herb Melts, a nugget-like melts served in 5-piece per order. This bite features a blend of Emmental and Mozzarella cheese and coated in a deep-fried herb-seasoned crumb. It comes with a tomato dip and costs £1.59.

The Cheese and Herb Melts will be gone this week, so customers must avail them before it is too late. Another menu that is going away is the McFlurry flavors that include the Galaxy Smooth and Galaxy Caramel. Lastly, the Bacon Clubhouse Double and Chicken Deluxe will only be in McDonald’s restaurants in the U.K until this week.

What’s new in the menu

Then again, while some are being discontinued, a new batch is coming in. To replace the Bacon Clubhouse and Chicken Deluxe, the brand new BBQ Bacon Stack will be in stores starting June 16.

Diners could get this burger for £4.79, or if they chose the meal option, it will be £6.29. This is a nice burger sandwich made with two layers of beef patties, slices of smoked bacon, topped with onions, tomato, and onions plus pepper jack cheese, as per Delish. To complete the taste of the BBQ Bacon Stack, McDonald’s signature BBQ sauce will be added as well and finally sandwiched in a sesame seed crusted bun.

For the McFlurry, in addition to the classic flavors, the Aero Chocolate and Aero Mint are making an appearance in McDonald’s UK. These flavors will have a slightly higher price at £1.49 or £.99 for the mini version. Finally, the favorite Mozzarella dippers will make its comeback to replace the Cheese and Herbs Melt, and this will cost £1.89 for a single-serve and £5.09 for the sharing box of nine.

Meanwhile, Mirror reported that all of these will be in McDonald’s UK branches starting from June 16. It was added that more changes in the menu can be expected in August.

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