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‘GTA 6’ release date, compatibility: Is the next game part of the PlayStation 5 games lineup?

From the GTA Online: Import/Export trailer | Photo credit: Rockstar Games / YouTube screenshot

A recent issue of PlayStation Magazine features a list of “incoming games” for the PlayStation 5, but it did not include “GTA 6” despite having other unannounced titles. This, however, unlikely means that the game will not be released on Sony’s next-generation console.

‘GTA 6’ was not included in PS5 ‘incoming games’ list

The said list made several headlines over the last week because, aside from already confirmed titles, it included games that its respective developers and publishers have yet to confirm. But the non-inclusion of “GTA 6” could mean different things other than the game not launching on the gaming system.

One possible reason is that Take-Two and Rockstar Games just wants to keep a very tight lid on the highly anticipated action-adventure game. The gaming community has yet to learn anything about “GTA 6,” but if Rockstar and Take-Two’s treatment to “GTA V” and “GTA Online” is any indication, players can expect the next numbered installment to be released in the latest consoles as well.

‘GTA 6’ rumors suggest it would launch as PS5-exclusive

A 2019 alleged PS5 from a now-deleted Pastebin file claimed that “GTA 6” would not only be released on PS5, it might also be an exclusive PS5 title for some time. The same source, however, also implied that the game could be a launch title for the console.

Seeing that the “GTA 6” is very unlikely ready to be released later this year, fans should take parts of this leak with a heaping amount of salt. Exclusivity deals are not new, and if this happens to be Rockstar and Take-Two’s plan for “GTA 6” in the future, it should last for just a few weeks or a full month since the series has been made compatible with the most advanced consoles in the market. The official PS5 unveiling event has been moved to Thursday, June 11, at 1 p.m. PT.

‘GTA 6’ release date rumors

Details about the “GTA 6” release date has gotten even murkier over the previous weeks. Speculation recently emerged that the Take-Two marketing commitment plan for the fiscal year 2024 might have been hinting at the game’s launch in 2023.

Take-Two quickly dismissed this rumor while still not commenting on the game’s release date window. Meanwhile, fans may recall a long-running rumor that “GTA 6” could be announced next year or in 2022.

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